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Tools to help you support your patients in managing their bone health

Women treated for breast cancer have a 40% increased incidence of osteoporosis, a 30% increased risk of fracture, and a 20% increased risk of hospitalization due to fracture. Unfortunately, many women are unaware of, or do not know how to manage, their increased risk.

From 2015 to 2017, at the Segal Cancer Centre at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital, our team developed and implemented a clinical model in which a nurse and a physiotherapist assessed and intervened for bone health among women treated for breast cancer. During this endeavour, we created and refined the patient tools that are now available on this website. Below, you can download the evaluation forms and teaching aids that were used by our nurse and physiotherapist. If you are looking to refresh your knowledge on the topic, you will also find a list of relevant publications and continuing education opportunities.

Download our physiotherapy rehabilitation and exercise evaluation tool.

Download our nursing screening and evaluation tool.

Click here for publications and continuing education opportunities on bone health in breast cancer.

See our physiotherapy prescription sheet for upper extremity rehabilitation exercises.

Use our poster to refer patients to the program.

See how this online program can help your patients manage breast cancer treatment-related bone loss.

Invite your colleagues to refer patients to the Breast & Bone Health Program with this letter.

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